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We do not use fill-in-the-blank forms for your estate planning, living trust or will; these attorney drafted, state specific estate planning documents are custom created by you on your own computer. You have the option to have them reviewed by an estate planning professional, or you can have an attorney use the system to prepare the documents for you! The Interview has context-sensitive question and answer screens so the estate planning program knows the proper questions to ask based on your answers to the previous questions. We are the only on-line living trust and estate planning service that permits you to fully see what you are getting before you pay! Click
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The package includes all of the necessary state-specific documents to fully create an effective, all-encompassing estate plan, living trust or will, including “HIPAA” compliant health care powers (incorporating a “living will”) and the deeds to transfer real property. Click
here to see a complete list and description of the documents included in the estate planning and living trust package.

Our price includes the full Living Trust Package; there are no hidden costs or “add-on” fees. You can be confident that you will get high-quality, customized estate planning documents at an affordable price. Click
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